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Companies in the mutualist sector, whether they are mutual insurance companies, health cooperatives or provident societies, are involved in a solidarity economy. To meet the expectations of their members, these organizations must constantly improve their efficiency and performance. Training is a key means to achieve this. Our customized training programs can help mutual companies strengthen their relationship with their members and improve their operational performance and the motivation of their teams. They will also enable you to meet the challenges of digital transformation, cybersecurity, innovation and corporate social responsibility.

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Individual Coaching of Managers
This training meets the challenges of management. It allows you to master all the skills necessary for optimal management, such as the acquisition of good practices in all aspects of the job thanks to the support of an expert coach.
Helping employees to react calmly to complex situations in the company
The training allows you to obtain the certification "Accompanying employees to react with serenity to complex situations in the company" which responds to the challenges of rising stress and malaise in the company, the importance of accompanying teams in the transformation of jobs and the management of tense and conflictual situations.
Adapt your behavior to the client's psychology
This training responds to the communication challenges faced by companies in order to understand the customer and to be able to respond to his needs more effectively. This training offers the possibility to develop one's ability to adapt to different types of profiles and to set up long-term relationships.
Building Clients for Life
The training responds to the needs of companies to create long-term customer relationships. It will provide the necessary skills to carry out this type of project by making the employee aware of the company's need to develop long-term relationships.
Coaching of sales teams
Understand and measure the sales capacity of its teams in order to match the sales objectives with the skills of its teams. Develop the adaptation of the sales team to the customer's needs and identify the right approach to follow in order to achieve the objectives.
Develop your confidence and emotions to succeed in your management
Thanks to this training, you will be able to manage a team by managing your emotions and by having confidence in yourself. You will gain in efficiency! It will also allow you to evaluate your practices to reach a new level of performance. It validates operational management skills in a context of change: supporting employees on a daily basis, leading meetings, managing conflicts and reframing, both face to face and remotely.
Develop your posture as a consultant and manager in consulting
Thanks to this certification training, give a new impetus to your career by adopting the posture and skills of a consultant! Gain access to the best management practices. Evaluate your practices to reach a new level of performance. It validates operational management skills in a context of change: supporting employees on a daily basis, leading meetings, managing conflicts and reframing, both face to face and remotely.
Develop your strategic sales
The training allows to understand the stakes of a good sales strategy. Participants will be able to improve their negotiation skills by optimizing their sales skills in order to develop a better brand image and better customer relations.
Giving impact to your presentations
The training consists of developing a powerful and effective presentation. By offering a personalized training, the employee will be able to integrate the necessary tools to achieve a quality performance.
Gaining in quality thanks to the customer vision
The training allows you to understand the challenges of using customer data in order to optimize management practices. It aims to develop the commercial performance of the company by integrating survey tools in order to respond more precisely to their demands.
Innovate to implement a strategy
Innovation is one of the most important criteria in the overall improvement of entrepreneurial activity. This training will enable participants to understand the issues and to implement a strategy that promotes creativity to improve overall performance.
Sales excellence with digital
This training course, which leads to certification, meets the challenges of the transformation of the sales profession to facilitate changes in working methods and organizations (digital tools, etc.). It validates the sales skills ...
Women's leadership
With the issues of gender diversity and equality in the workplace, a new distribution of roles seems to be taking shape within the company. Some women's professional careers impress, inspire and make people want to follow the same path. If there is no such thing as a female leadership, it is important for women to assert themselves as leaders. In order to do so, they must not be locked into what could be perceived as a male leadership, but rather find their own way.
Sales negotiation strategies and tactics
This training addresses the challenges of negotiating a sales contract by perfecting the strategy in place. It will allow the employee to be more assertive during a negotiation in order to meet the commercial objectives more effectively.
Mastering communication
The training consists of developing the participants' skills so that they are better able to interact with their colleagues and thus promote better internal communication. The goal of this training is also to teach participants how to manage their emotions by adapting to the difficult situations they will face in order to maintain effective communication.
Mastering negotiation
This training addresses the challenges of negotiating a sales contract. It offers participants the opportunity to develop their negotiation skills by enabling them to use their tools more effectively.

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You are an expert operating in professional services and you do not feel comfortable prospecting for new clients.

In this book, with a preface by Bertrand Dumazy, CEO of the Edenred group, you will find numerous illustrations and practical information sheets drawn from the concrete experience of specialists who have successfully developed their prospect portfolio.

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How to target key contacts in your prospects? How to approach them? Through which channel? How do you stand out? What creative solutions should you use? How to interest your interlocutors in your subjects ? Which marketing to set up on the web ?

Here you will find answers to all these key questions to develop your business or practice as well as methodological elements for immediate implementation.

Price kindle format: 9,99€
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Author: Olivier Jacob
Preface: Bertrand Dumazy