Certification referential
Managing performance in a context of change

Competency framework

  • Define and distribute the objectives and missions of the team members, allowing for the possibility of revising them regularly according to the results obtained and feedback from the field, and taking into account the skills and abilities of each person, their availability and their aptitudes in order to lead them towards both collective and individual performance.
  • Implementing support solutions for employees with disabilities, to ensure that adequate resources are available to achieve the objectives set.
  • Adapt your managerial style with agility according to the context, the needs of the moment and the objectives to be reached, while taking into account the characteristics of the team and those of each individual in terms of his or her mode of functioning, in order to ensure a climate that is favorable to the involvement of employees.
  • Conduct team meetings in a collaborative mode, either face-to-face or remotely, encouraging the emergence of new ideas and allowing everyone to dare to question work habits in favor of proposals to improve work practices and processes.
  • Conduct individual interviews with employees, face-to-face or remotely, to support them in their professional progress, their adaptation to their workstations and to help them achieve their objectives in contexts where they are regularly challenged or to seize development opportunities.
  • Conducting reframing or feedback interviews to help employees better understand what is at stake in the changes, enabling them to modify their behaviors and professional habits and thus fit into the new rules of the company and the new objectives.
  • Manage delicate or conflictual situations caused by the impacts of changes, by showing active listening and benevolence, by involving stakeholders in the resolution of difficulties encountered in order to maintain involvement and promote the achievement of objectives.
  • To inscribe the service in a continuous improvement process by formalizing the different procedures implemented as well as the monitoring and performance indicators used in order to capitalize on the experiences gained in terms of change and to better prepare the next ones.

Evaluation methods

All certification tests take place at the end of the training.

A professional situation involving the management of a team's performance in a context of permanent change with the submission of a written report and a recorded professional situation (coefficient 2).

Theoretical tests on knowledge related to performance management in a situation of permanent change (coefficient 1).

Evaluation criteria

You can download the complete guidelines and criteria here

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