Special case - The untouchable interlocutor (Extract from the book "Faites grandir votre business" - Olivier Jacob)

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In some cases, you may need to reach untouchable people. These are CEOs of large groups, hedge fund managers, prominent politicians. Some functions are very solicited (the HR department by people in research, the purchase department by suppliers...).  

So how do you reach these contacts? 

The first step is to think about what you can offer them. In an interview with a business leader, he told me, "The last time I met with a provider, I asked him, 'What does a leader need to know about this? Indeed, he simply gave him his true expectation, which apparently confused the provider. 

However, the service provider should have prepared a speech adapted to the person he is meeting. Otherwise, he risks wasting his time. If for a manager, the important thing is to optimize the return on investment of a project, for a director, the important thing is often to optimize the added value in relation to his available time.  

So the key here is to personalize the messages you want to convey to successfully develop a conversation tailored to each business leader9. For example, help the leader of a company looking to transform ask the question of why. Typically, the company representative will talk about efficiency or synergies. But you can also tell him that for some companies it is less about reorganizing than about building trust between functions and thus strengthening their ability to work together. This type of point of view will be of interest to a company director.  

To develop it, take a step back from your offer or your expertise. 

Illustration - The technique Wall Street 

You may remember this cult movie for generations of traders.  

A broker (stock seller) seeks to develop contacts with Gordon Gekko, head of a famous hedge fund that makes the front page of Fortune. He starts by calling him regularly and creates an obvious link with Gordon Gekko's switchboard and personal assistant. He proposed to her, which was undoubtedly a powerful hook with this caller. He continues the process by bringing a gift to the executive on his birthday: Cuban cigars, his favorite. And he ends up getting the precious five minutes that no other broker has ever gotten with Gordon Gekko! 

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Method sheet - Untouchable interlocutors 

Most high-level decision-makers are in high demand. Nevertheless, it is possible to meet them with a lot of perseverance, organization and know-how. 

The following are a few essential concepts. To successfully make an appointment with a high-level contact : 

  1. Provide immediate value. 
  1. Feel free to remind us of this many times. 
  1. Do not hesitate to vary the communication channels (social networks). 
  1. Meet leaders at events. 
  1. Get referrals from mutual acquaintances. 

I would also like to emphasize that when asked, the leaders of large groups say that they only meet new contacts if :  

- they are introduced by a common knowledge; 

- they have a very original or innovative offer. 

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