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Become a high-performance manager

This certified training course addresses the challenges of transforming the manager's role to facilitate changes in working methods and organizations (teleworking, remote management, digital tools...).

It validates operational management skills in a context of change: day-to-day employee support, meeting facilitation, conflict management and refocusing, both face-to-face and remotely.


Chapter 1 - The importance of management
Chapter 2 - Leading Your Team
Chapter 3 - Setting and evaluating objectives
Chapter 4 - Demonstrating managerial courage
Chapter 5 - Optimizing HR management
Chapter 6 - Developing a leadership and coaching posture
Chapter 7 - Managing different types of employees
Chapter 8 - Managing in difficult situations
Chapter 9 - Supporting change


Engage and mobilize your employees
Effectively manage your team on a daily basis from a distance: set and follow up on your employees' objectives, prepare and lead meetings efficiently, mobilize employees on a daily basis

Managing remote teams
Lead remote meetings, develop your teams' commitment, optimize your employees' telecommuting

Gain legitimacy
Position yourself as a leader and manager-coach, address conversations that are sometimes considered difficult (reframing, announcement of a difficult decision, separation...)


Participant evaluation (NPS = Net Promoter Score):

  • Very Good-Excellent rating: 85%.
  • NPS : 79
  • 100% admitted to the certification following the Inéa Conseil preparation

Validated skills

This training course, which leads to a certificate, meets the challenges of the transformation of the manager's role to facilitate changes in work methods and organizations (telecommuting, remote management, digital tools, etc.). It validates operational management skills in a context of change: supporting employees on a daily basis, leading meetings, managing conflicts and refocusing, both face-to-face and remotely.

Validated skills:

  • Facilitate a work meeting with collaborators, face to face or remotely, to define objectives, monitor progress and distribute work in order to achieve objectives in a context of change.
  • Conduct a regular individual interview, face to face or remotely, with one of your employees to help him/her reach his/her objectives and make him/her responsible for the change by checking with him/her that he/she understands the issues and by making sure that he/she has the required skills and the desire.
  • Managing conflicts with colleagues or counterparts, or between employees, face to face or remotely, to promote the achievement of objectives and well-being at work as well as respect for the rules and values of the company in a context of change.
  • Conducting a reframing or progress feedback interview, either face-to-face or remotely, to help the employee modify his or her behavior over the long term in order to respect the new company rules and the objectives set in the context of change.
  • Implementing support solutions for employees with disabilities, to ensure that adequate resources are available to achieve the objectives set.



The training allows you to obtain the certification :
"Performance Management (CP-FFP)" which aims to enable you to acquire the fundamentals of management and human resources management, to assert yourself and develop a leadership posture, to manage multicultural teams and remote teams as well as to manage employees and difficult cases.


Target audience and pre-requisites: this certification course is intended for operational business people who have to perform managerial functions in a context of change. A minimum of 2 years of professional experience is also required.

How to access: contact us by phone or via the contact form, an interview will be carried out with one of our advisors during your registration to validate that the training is adapted to your needs. Following the interview, we will decide on the training dates.

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Accessibility for people with disabilities: online or in-person PMR accessible program. Call us so that we can orient you according to your handicap situation.

Olivier Jacob, disability consultant: 0147203146 -

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