Seven questions that can transform your next conversation with a client

There are many key points in building a great customer relationship. These are moments of truth where the outcome can either propel the relationship forward or stop it dead in its tracks. Often, you can meet these challenges with a well-chosen open-ended question rather than a quick, smart answer. Here are seven typical customer scenarios and how to handle them.

When the sale is at a standstill

Sometimes it just doesn't seem possible to turn an interested prospect into a buying customer. You talk and talk but never get to the next stage. Have you experienced one of these scenarios? These situations are not as mysterious as they seem. There are 6 essential conditions that need to be in place [...]

Nine strategies to speed up the sales process

By Andrew Sobel and Olivier Jacob How long is your sales cycle? How many months does it take to go from the first meeting to a paid engagement? Your answer will probably be, "It depends!" But whatever your answer, you probably want your sales process to go faster. [...]

Nine warning signs that your customer relationship is unhealthy

By Olivier Jacob and Andrew Sobel A CEO I used to work with noticed that year after year, they were doing less and less business with an important customer. The partner in charge of the relationship, however, confidently insisted that all was well and that they were on excellent terms with the customer. The [...]