Certification referential
Successful recruitment and integration of employees

Competency framework

1.define the recruitment criteria according to the company's needs, the missions and the position and develop a structured decision grid to evaluate the candidates' skills
2.distribute an engaging recruitment offer on various recruitment channels to attract the right profiles with the help of digital tools
3. conduct a warm and structured recruitment interview to bring out the candidate's potential, in order to select a suitable candidate for the position, while respecting the rules of non-discrimination and inclusion
4. present the strengths of the company and the position in a convincing way in order to encourage the candidate to join the company
5. integrate the employee into the team by creating dedicated moments to motivate him or her and create a favorable work atmosphere.
6. 6. welcome and support disabled employees by providing the necessary accommodations and working conditions to promote integration and performance.

Evaluation methods

E1. Type of assessment: Practical case study on a recruitment to be carried out.
Candidate's task: The candidate is given a practical case study in which a need for a position to be filled is described. The candidate analyzes the information at his/her disposal and proposes appropriate recruitment criteria to form a decision grid.
Achievements required of the candidate: Based on the case study E.1 and the criteria he/she has defined, the candidate drafts an adapted and engaging recruitment offer and explains his/her approach to searching for profiles and distributing the offer according to the profile sought.

E2. Type of evaluation : Oral situation during a recruitment simulation
Candidates are given a job offer, the CV of a person applying for this offer, and information about the company (from the context of test E1). The candidate is going to carry out a recruitment role-play with the assessor, and has 10 minutes' preparation time before the test.
The role-play lasts 10 minutes and assesses skills 3 and 4 in a single test.

E3. Type of assessment : Practical case study on the integration of a new employee within the company
Candidate's task: The candidate is given a practical case study in which a new employee is going to join the company as well as a self-diagnosis of disability. Based on the information provided, the candidate evaluates the company and details a process for integrating the new employee, taking into account his or her disability situation.
The case study evaluates competencies 5 and 6 in a single test.

Evaluation criteria

1.1 The manager proposes specific, measurable selection criteria that are relevant to the needs of the position.
1.2 The decision criteria are identified as necessary or desirable and allow for an objective evaluation of the candidate.
2.1 The manager proposes a search and distribution approach consistent with the profile via multiple recruitment channels.
2.2 The choice of medium and content for the publication of the job offer is relevant to the profile sought.
3.1 The manager shows interest in the candidate by breaking the ice and explaining the interview process from the outset.
3.2 The manager asks open-ended questions to explore the candidate's profile, rephrases his or her expectations, and bounces back during the presentation of the candidate's background with probing questions.
3.3 The manager respects the legal framework and asks questions related to the candidate's job and the assessment of his/her skills.
4. The argument is structured and the presentation of the company's assets is oriented towards the candidate's benefits.
5. The manager describes a plan for integrating the candidate into the team, allowing him/her to meet and develop relationships with his/her colleagues.
6. The manager uses a self-diagnosis of the disability to analyze the company and determine the necessary adjustments for the integration of the employee.

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