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Luxury boutique sales with digital

Luxury boutique sales with digital

Validated skills:

Inéa Conseil's "Sales in a luxury boutique with digital technology" training aims to enable the candidate to acquire the fundamentals of the luxury codes. You will be able to welcome your customer in a luxury boutique and make him live an unforgettable experience. You will be able to understand the customer's needs and propose an adapted solution, deal with their objections and systematically conclude your sales with a high-end clientele.

The training will also enable you to better communicate with people of different cultures and personalities and to effectively manage conflicts and customer complaints while respecting the codes of the luxury world.


Welcome your customers
In a luxury boutique and make them live an unforgettable experience.

Understand the needs of your customers
Propose an adapted solution, deal with objections and systematically close your sales with high-end customers.

Communicate better
With people of different cultures and personalities and to manage conflicts and customer complaints effectively while respecting the codes of the luxury world.


Evaluation of the participants (NPS = Net Promoter Score):

  • Very positive assessment rate (Very Good-Excellent / >4/5): 89.9%.
  • NPS: 65.8



Chapter 1 - Understanding the codes of luxury
Chapter 2 - The importance of posture in the luxury sector
Chapter 3 - Working on phrasing and non-verbal communication in the luxury sector
Chapter 4 - Creating a privileged relationship with your clients
Chapter 5 - Attracting and retaining customers
Chapter 6 - Argue, select and present our articles according to the detected expectations and enchant your customer
Chapter 7 - Developing agility in the face of customer objections
Chapter 8 - Conclude and leave an unforgettable memory


Target audience and pre-requisites: this training is intended for salespeople wishing to complete their reception and sales skills using digital technology.

An interview will be conducted with one of our consultants when you register to ensure that the training is adapted to your needs.

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Successfully greeting customers in a boutique : Riens du Tout

An old-fashioned and unwelcoming department store, where the staff works in a dilettante way, the Grandes Galeries is not doing well. Hence the decision of the managers to appoint a new CEO, whose mission will be to bring the store out of its slump, failing which it will be closed. Modern management methods and staff motivation are on the dashing director's agenda.

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