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BtoB Sales

Numerous profiles with no sales training are increasingly in demand to develop the company's business, including consultants in consultancy firms or experts in companies offering products or technical solutions.

This certified training course provides skills such as developing a prospecting pitch and the ability to manage prospects, detecting customer needs and conducting a sales meeting to close a deal on their products and services. It also covers the keys to integrating this sales approach into your day-to-day work, thanks to a follow-up process and appropriate time management.


Chapter 1 - The importance of the salesperson
Chapter 2 - Successful prospecting
Chapter 3 - Making a Successful Client Appointment
Chapter 4 - Maintaining the customer relationship
Chapter 5 - Using Digital Tools
Chapter 6 - Negotiating successfully
Chapter 7 - Dealing with difficult situations
Chapter 8 - Developing your offer and marketing
Chapter 9 - Adapting to the customer's personality


Develop new contacts
Learn the best prospecting techniques used by large groups. In the digital age, save time by using social networks while maintaining your real networks

Become the trusted partner of your clients
You will learn the most modern influence techniques to put them at the service of the commercial conversation. Learn how to maintain a long-term relationship of trust, and keep your customers for life

Increase your sales
Thanks to our expert techniques, finally get results. Optimize your time, develop your networks, multiply your client meetings and increase your turnover


Evaluation of the participants (NPS = Net Promoter Score):

  • Very positive assessment rate (Very Good-Excellent / >4/5): 87.5%.
  • NPS : 43


Validated skills


The course leads to certification:
The "BtoB Sales" certification (RS6241) is designed for people in non-sales roles (consultants, experts, engineers...), who are required to take responsibility for selling their own offers and solutions to prospects and customers.

It validates commercial and negotiation skills in the context of selling to companies: prospecting for new customers, sales talks, organizing one's commercial activity and selling to major accounts for a non-commercial audience. It also includes a remote sales dimension through the use of social selling and new communication tools.

This certification was registered in the Répertoire Spécifique by our organization (Inéa Conseil) on 25-01-2023.

More information on the certification here: France Compétences


Target audience and pre-requisites: this certification course is intended for people who have a non-sales function in a company (consultants, experts, engineers, etc.), and who are required to take responsibility for selling their offers and solutions to prospects and customers.

Prerequisite: 2 years of professional experience

An interview will be conducted with one of our consultants when you register to ensure that the training is adapted to your needs.

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