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Store sales

This course is designed to meet the challenges posed by the transformation of the sales profession, particularly with regard to digitalization. It validates the skills required to welcome and sell in a sales environment: welcoming and advising customers, adopting the right posture and promoting a good customer experience, communicating on social networks and selling using digital tools.


Chapter 1 - Welcome
Chapter 2 - Successful merchandising
Chapter 3 - Making a success of your sales in the store
Chapter 4 - Prioritizing your tasks in the store
Chapter 5 - Attracting and retaining customers
Chapter 6 - Using digital tools
Chapter 7 - Levers of influence
Chapter 8 - Adapting to the customer's personality


Successfully greeting and selling in a store
You will be able to welcome the customer in the store/boutique, and to sell face to face and remotely. You will be able to understand the customer's needs and propose an adapted solution, deal with their objections and systematically conclude your sales.

Adapting to the culture and personality of your interlocutor
The training will also allow you to better communicate with people of different cultures and personalities, to manage the handicap situations of your customers, and to react efficiently in case of conflicts and customer complaints.

Discover digital tools during the sale
You will be able to use digital tools (e.g. iPad, social networks, website) before, during and after your sales to better discover needs, argue, deal with objections and close.

Validated skills

➤ Training eligible for CPF!


After completing this boutique sales training course, you'll be able to welcome your customers and identify their needs, advise them at the point of sale, and conduct and conclude the sales interview using influencing techniques. You'll also be able to use digital tools to communicate, attract and sell to customers. This training course will enable you to manage your time more effectively and increase your efficiency in the store.

Validated skills:

-Structure your activities and time to be more effective in achieving your business objectives by using time and information management methods in the digital age.

-Communicate via social networks to develop your company's reputation and generate useful contacts, using online influence and social selling techniques, in order to develop your company's activity and sales.

-Welcoming customers so that they feel comfortable and want to discover the offers and advising them according to their expectations in order to develop their sales using digital tools.

-Conduct the sales interview with the customer using digital tools, arguing, and dealing with misunderstandings, questions and objections with pedagogy and conviction, in order to optimize the average basket and promote additional sales and the sale of items with higher added value.

-Adapt your sales posture according to the personality, culture and disability situation of the customer, in order to optimize customer satisfaction.



The training leads to the certification :

Inéa Conseil's "Développer les relations et les ventes en magasin avec le numérique" (RS6239) validates the skills required to welcome and sell in a retail environment: welcoming and advising customers, adopting the right posture and promoting a good customer experience, communicating on social networks and selling using digital tools.

This certification training is particularly adapted to salespeople working in a sales area (boutique, specialized shopping center...) who wish to complete their reception and sales skills with a digital dimension.

This certification was registered in the Répertoire Spécifique by our organization (Inéa Conseil) on 25-01-2023 .

More information on the certification here: France Compétences


Target audience and pre-requisites: this certification training is intended for salespeople who wish to complete their reception and sales skills using digital technology.

An interview will be conducted with one of our consultants when you register to ensure that the training is adapted to your needs.

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Successfully greeting customers in a boutique : Riens du Tout

An old-fashioned and unwelcoming department store, where the staff works in a dilettante way, the Grandes Galeries is not doing well. Hence the decision of the managers to appoint a new CEO, whose mission will be to bring the store out of its slump, failing which it will be closed. Modern management methods and staff motivation are on the dashing director's agenda.

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You are an expert operating in professional services and you do not feel comfortable prospecting for new clients.

In this book, with a preface by Bertrand Dumazy, CEO of the Edenred group, you will find numerous illustrations and practical information sheets drawn from the concrete experience of specialists who have successfully developed their prospect portfolio.

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Here you will find answers to all these key questions to develop your business or practice as well as methodological elements for immediate implementation.

Price kindle format: 9,99€
Price paperback: 19,50

Number of pages: 188
Author: Olivier Jacob
Preface: Bertrand Dumazy