With this program, revolutionize the way
you make decisions

How do you make your decisions?

(It's time to move up a gear)

Make your decisions easily

Good decision making is essential for success in any field.

Discover M.O.V.E.© and achieve everything you've ever wanted.

Quickly, easily and confidently

Why is this so important?

Making good decisions is becoming more important than ever.

Today, who can afford the risks and financial impact of a bad choice or indecision?

How can we be more inclusive in our decision-making process so that every team member is more engaged, more agile and more aligned?

With M.O.V.E.© you will have the certainty of having done everything in your power and under your control to make the best decision possible.

Making good decisions is becoming more important than ever.

Why is this program unique?

We are revolutionizing the decision-making process.

Everyone gains the skills and confidence to make great decisions faster with our easy-to-implement M.O.V.E.© framework.

When it comes to decision-making, our mission is to help everyone go to bed smarter than they woke up.

That's what we do.

Why review and improve your decision-making processes?

The McKinsey Quarterly surveyed 2,207 executives and 60% of them felt that bad decisions were made as much as good decisions.

Thanks to the M.O.V.E.© method, organizations can:

1. Improve efficiency and productivity

2. Become more agile, fast and efficient

3. Building trust, transparency and clarity

4. Enhance independence, inclusion and well-being

5. Promote teamwork and collaboration

6. Reduce the risks

7. Promote consistency, buy-in and commitment

What you will learn

Thanks to the M.O.V.E.© method, participants will master the professional skills of today and tomorrow:

  • decision making
  • innovative thinking
  • critical thinking
  • analytical thinking
  • intellectual curiosity
  • reasoning and problem solving

Conferences and workshops

Option 1

Big decisions. Quickly.
With confidence.

Revolutionize the way you make decisions with the M.O.V.E.© framework and achieve anything you want.

Option 2

Decision-making for teams

Teams make more inclusive decisions through the M.O.V.E.© framework and achieve whatever they want.

Option 3

Decision-making for leaders

Being a decision maker is the ultimate leadership skill, and it's what
sets you apart from others.

Revolutionize the way decisions are made
and help everyone succeed with the
M.O.V.E.© framework.

*Interactive virtual and face-to-face sessions. Modular architecture of 1, 2 or 3 hours. The duration and format can be

adjusted according to the needs.

Take control of your decisions

Training of trainers and leaders for organizations

We work in partnership with you and certify your leaders, trainers and coaches to implement the M.O.V.E.© framework within your organization.

Everyone will be better equipped to make good decisions.

Quickly. With confidence. On a regular basis.

Coaching Certifications

Because we know there is nothing more rewarding than helping others make a good decision, Decision-Making Done offers coaching certification to professional coaches.

Coaches will be able to guide their clients using the M.O.V.E.© framework and achieve whatever they want.

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