For self-employed workers: The following is valid for artisans, merchants, micro-entrepreneurs, auto-entrepreneurs, farmers, artists authors, liberal professions, self-employed professions and collaborating spouses. From October 2020, it will be possible to create a financing file on the site moncompteformation. For the time being, it is still necessary to contact your Training Insurance Fund (FAF).

In return for the contribution to professional training (CFP), the self-employed can benefit from total or partial financing of their training.

How do I get certified (PSC)?

Self-employed workers (and their collaborating spouses if the CFP-spouse has been paid) depend on a training insurance fund (FAF), determined according to the nature of their activity.

In the case of dual registration (for example, a business owner registered in both the RCS and RM), it is the FAFCEA or the regional chamber of trades that is in charge of financing, and not Agefice.

Note: an auto-entrepreneur whose turnover is 0€ over a period of 12 consecutive months cannot benefit from the coverage of his training expenses.

Request for Support: 

To submit the request: type of training, location, title, number of hours, dates, educational cost.

Several supporting documents must be attached in PDF format: RIB, certificate of payment of the PSC (or exemption certificate), detailed program per day of training, estimate or training agreement, certificate of attendance and payment.

To learn more about the PL IFF:

1 - Are you eligible to receive training from the FIF PL?

Only professionals who are in private practice at the time of the training for which they are applying for funding from the FIF PL may be eligible for funding of their training.

This liberal professional must be able to provide one of the four following documents (by connecting to the URSSAF website ):

The collaborating spouse can claim to have his or her training costs covered, under the same conditions as the liberal professional.

However, the collaborating spouse must be able to justify that the liberal professional, on whom he/she depends, has indeed declared a collaborating spouse and contributes in this capacity to the URSSAF to the Fonds d'Assurance Formation des non-salariés.

The micro-entrepreneur contributes to the URSSAF for the training contribution of non-salaried workers and must therefore be able to provide a certificate of payment or exemption from this contribution, on which the FIF PL is listed as the reference FAF.

The training contribution rate for a micro-entrepreneur is 0.20% of his turnover

2 - What are the criteria for my profession?

To learn more about the possibilities of coverage available to you, we invite you to consult the criteria for your profession by clicking here

3 - When should I apply for coverage?

All requests for reimbursement must be made online within 10 calendar days of the first day of training, after which the request will be refused.

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