Train your teams

Train your teams

Inéa Conseil, many programs to make your talents shine :



  Management journey: facing all management situations from the simplest to the most complicated

  Business management path and business coaching

  BtoB business course

  • Develop new clients
  • Develop clients for life

  BtoC business course

  • Improve the reception of its sales in boutiques and in concession
  • Develop the CA of his restaurant/hotel

  Client relations course

  • Adapt to the psychology of the client to grow sales

  Innovation course

  • Integrate innovation to be more effective

  Time Management and Personal Organization course

  Mobility / Outplacement course

Leadership course

  • Acumen Learning; develop your business sense
  • Training Thomas Leland: developing the commitment of his teamos solutions de formation innovante


Modern tools captivating and allowing a variety of education :

  •   Filmed situations
  •   Excerpts from movies
  •   Smartphone application
  •   Pre - post workshop online test
  •   Educational games
  •   Specific case studies created around real customer / management situations
  •   Experiential detour to feel/understand the advantages and disadvantages of our own behaviors
  •   Bad videos / good practices
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