Certification referential
Develop in-store relationships and sales with digital

Competency framework

A/ Communicate with prospects on multiple channels in order to obtain interviews or a registration / order to develop the company's turnover.
B/ Structure your activities and your time to be more efficient in reaching your commercial objectives by using time and information management methods in the digital era.
C/ Communicate via social networks to develop your company's reputation and useful contacts in order to develop your company's activity and sales.
D/ Greet the customer so that he/she feels comfortable and wants to discover his/her offers and advise him/her according to his/her expectations in order to develop his/her sales with the help of digital tools.
E/ Carry out structured sales interviews according to the customer's needs using digital tools in order to optimize the average basket, by encouraging additional sales and the sale of items with higher added value.
F/ Adapt your sales posture according to the personality, culture and handicap of the customer, in order to optimize customer satisfaction.

Evaluation methods

All certification tests are held at the end of the training.
Theoretical tests :
- A multiple-choice questionnaire on knowledge (duration 20min)
The questionnaire is accessible via a secure LMS platform
It can also be printed and administered live.
60% correct answers are required to validate the quiz. The quiz assesses competencies A, B, C, D, E and F via criteria A.1, B-1, C-1, D.1, E and F.

A written report analyzing a concrete case:
The participant chooses his or her subject in relation to one or more skills targeted by the certification. For example, the participant who has put into practice the adaptation of his sales posture according to the customer's culture will explain in his report the situation he encountered, describe how he applied the proposed method (with a bias towards taking the culture into account and adapting his posture), identify the progress made and the impact on the result. If the candidate is not in a position to apply a skill in his/her job, he/she chooses a situation encountered in the professional context (positive or negative) as a client or a past situation and analyzes it in his/her report. The participant writes a report of about 3 to 5 pages in size 12 font in WORD or PDF format and uploads it to the secure LMS platform.
The objective of the practical report is to validate the concrete implementation of the training in the professional life. (Transfer of skills to the job).
The report evaluates one or several competences among A, B, C, D, E, F using the G criterion.

Practical test:
Oral practical situation.
-The participant accesses the context of the oral situation on the secure LMS platform and records himself. He then sends the audio files to the evaluator. The situation evaluates competencies D and E using criteria D-1 and E.1-2-3-4-5

Evaluation criteria

A-1/ Contacting prospects on social networks
B.1/ The follow-up and organization of activities is structured using a digital tool
C-1/ Use of a social network to promote its offers
D.1/ The salesperson welcomes the customer in a positive atmosphere by breaking the ice
E.1/ The sales assistant asks open-ended questions to explore the needs, reformulates and validates with closed questions.
E.2/ The sales assistant makes a structured argumentation according to the needs and using digital tools.
E.3/ The salesperson understands and accepts the objection, rephrases, questions, argues and takes advantage of the objection to move towards the conclusion
E.4/ Additional sales proposal during the sales meeting
E.5/ The sales assistant validates with the customer what he/she wants to buy, checks that the objections have been dealt with and proposes to conclude the purchase (e.g. order via digital tool / packaging).
F.1/ The salesperson adapts the sales conversation to the customer's personality, culture and/or disability situation.
G/ Quality of the report :
G.1/Adaptation of the subject to the reference frame
G.2/Mastery of the methodology in relation to the reference system
G.3/Application in the chosen context
G.4/Clear synthesis and projection towards the future / lessons learned
G.5/Logical structure of the report
G.6/Mastery of the French language

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