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How to use social selling to develop your business?

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You have already heard about it but you have never been interested in it? Yet it is a very effective way to develop your business! 

Not using social selling would be depriving yourself of opportunities! 

What is social selling?  

In recent years, social networks have changed our communication habits but also our way of doing business. Social selling is going to be a modern and more direct method of prospecting through social networks. This use of social networks will make the commercial process more productive. 

Social networks are a huge source of contacts. 

As of July 2020, 38 million active on facebook, 20 million active on instagram, 14.8 million active on twitter and 12.1 million active on linkedin. 

Among all these people are your prospects and customers! 

Social networks have created an evolution in the behavior of buyers. Indeed, did you know that 70% of btob buyers do not talk to a salesperson until they have conducted their own survey on social networks! That's why we are going to reveal you the essential techniques to optimize your profile on linkedin! 

The importance of linkedin in social selling 

When someone is looking to find us on the internet, he will type our name on google and usually the first link that appears is linkedin! If you don't have a linkedin, this person might be the first one to come across information that is not very valuable, hence the importance of creating a linkedin profile that will show your profile in a more professional way. 

We reveal the methods to optimize your profile on linkedin:  

  • We must make sure that our profile comes out with interesting keywords! In the hat, we must therefore express our skills in terms of keywords. 
  • In the summary, you must tell your story and your added value! Be careful, because only the first two lines are displayed, so you must first briefly summarize your skills, and then detail them. 
  • As far as professional experience is concerned, it is important to include the company's logo. A good practice to follow is to integrate our contribution to our current position. For example: this job allowed me to better understand a certain industry in order to be more efficient in my advice. 

Good tips on Linkedin:  

  • By subscribing to groups on linkedin we develop our visibility. 
  • To better understand how linkedin works it is very simple. The people you are connected with are called your level 1 network, the people who are level 2 are those connected to our network and finally the level 3 people are connected to our level 2. 
  • Making your profile live is important to increase your visibility, for example publishing a power point or an article will allow your network to see that you are active. It is especially important to have a content strategy. For example, if you are a salesman proposing the photo exhibition to marketing managers, you will publish content that is likely to interest your targets, you will also link to themes that correspond. In fact we will totally specialize our profile to give the image of an expert. 

Test your profile!  

Click on the following link to test your linkedin profile: CLICK HERE and remember your score, the goal is to improve it! 

Did you know that social selling can save 30% to 50% of the time of sales representatives?  

This method also allows you to generate more leads, create proximity with your prospects and customers and enrich your presence on social networks. 

Let's take the testimony of a former participant in one of our programs who will share his experience with social selling: 

For him linkedin is a huge source of contacts, he uses a mass contact technique. He went from 2500 contacts to almost 6000 in only 1 month. 

He rediscovered a certain number of contacts that he had not thought of for his prospecting, it also allowed him to get appointments much more quickly by going directly to the person concerned and in only two months he managed to fill his schedule with interesting people. He even managed to get appointments that he couldn't get through a more traditional technique. 

He shared with us a few tips that for him are essential: 

  • You have to post and link content regularly to stay active and offer interesting content to your network. 
  • Connect with as many people as possible to expand your network. 

Now that you know everything about social selling, you have no excuse, so you are ready to develop your network and grow your business? 

You are an expert operating in professional services and you do not feel comfortable prospecting for new clients.

In this book, with a preface by Bertrand Dumazy, CEO of the Edenred group, you will find numerous illustrations and practical information sheets drawn from the concrete experience of specialists who have successfully developed their prospect portfolio.

You will also learn how to make yourself happy by developing new contacts at all levels in organizations.

How to target key contacts in your prospects? How to approach them? Through which channel? How do you stand out? What creative solutions should you use? How to interest your interlocutors in your subjects ? Which marketing to set up on the web ?

Here you will find answers to all these key questions to develop your business or practice as well as methodological elements for immediate implementation.

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