How to choose your training?

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You want to train but you don't know which course or training organization to choose? 

We will give you the keys to choose your training course so that it is totally adapted to your professional needs and avoid the pitfalls. 

Many scams and controversies have affected training. In fact, this is one of the first things you see when you log on to the CPF. 

Here are the most important points for choosing a training organization: 

1. Check that the training center exists.  

For this purpose, there is a list of all legally declared training organizations in France, they are registered with the DIRECCTE, but they are also up to date in their legal obligations. To consult this list click here.

2. Verify the training organization's certifications.  

In particular, the "Qualiopi" quality certification, which attests to the quality of the process implemented by the providers of actions contributing to the development of the skills referred to in article l. 6351-1 of the French Labour Code. 

3. Check if the training is degree-granting.  

Some training courses, even if they are on the personal training account, do not necessarily lead to a certification. It is therefore necessary to make sure that the training course includes the certification and not an attestation to be able to pass a certification. To check if a center is a certifier or if a certification exists, you can click here.

4. Opinions of past participants  

Feel free to read testimonials from past participants, available on the organization's website, on social networks, by word of mouth, or on the cpf in the training evaluations section. 

5. Compare organisms to each other.  

To help you compare organizations and courses, we have selected the most important criteria for choosing your course. 

The quality of the course (if there are videos, role plays...) 
The creation of methods: training designed by recognized experts 
If the training corresponds to your rhythm 
If there is the possibility to do group sessions 
Coaching: expert in your field, experience ... 
Inspired by the methods of large groups 
The price, the possibility to choose different packages 
Number of modules included in the training, if the training is complete 
Recognition of certification 
Availability of the training organization's staff 

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