Case studies


Improved in-store performance

Our actions

#1 A field study

Preliminary interviews to identify the difficulties and needs of each individual

Mystery visits to integrate the customer's vision into the system

#2 A workshop for sales clerks (2 days + 2 days)

Train on the fundamentals of sales

To become the guarantors of a "Balenciaga Customer Relationship" while respecting their personality

To be better aware of the specificities of intercultural customer relations

#3 A workshop with store managers so that they :

Promote the implementation of their salespeople's training achievements

Participate in the progress of their teams

Manage their business more efficiently


Concrete results

Teams that are better aware of their role as ambassadors for the House of Balenciaga and are more motivated overall.

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You are an expert operating in professional services and you do not feel comfortable prospecting for new clients.

In this book, with a preface by Bertrand Dumazy, CEO of the Edenred group, you will find numerous illustrations and practical information sheets drawn from the concrete experience of specialists who have successfully developed their prospect portfolio.

You will also learn how to make yourself happy by developing new contacts at all levels in organizations.

How to target key contacts in your prospects? How to approach them? Through which channel? How do you stand out? What creative solutions should you use? How to interest your interlocutors in your subjects ? Which marketing to set up on the web ?

Here you will find answers to all these key questions to develop your business or practice as well as methodological elements for immediate implementation.

Price kindle format: 9,99€
Price paperback: 19,50

Number of pages: 188
Author: Olivier Jacob
Preface: Bertrand Dumazy