Argumentation- Remotivation - Sunday Hell

Three excerpts are particularly noteworthy because each corresponds to a training promise. The three sequences in question therefore illustrate the following themes: team mobilization, management of divas, and encouraging team spirit before an important match.

A no is never final: 1492

From a business performance perspective, it is the beginning of the film that catches the eye, especially the scenes where Columbus sells his project to the various members of the government.

The circle of missing poets

In this strict era where conformity reigns over education, John Keating will come up against the different rules imposed by the administration. However, some students will, thanks to the now famous "Carpe Diem", be able to realize themselves, to take charge of their lives and to approach their dreams. But dreams sometimes lead to disaster...

Making a good sales pitch Tin Men

This comedy is inevitably close to caricature. Obviously, it does not lack scenes where we see our salesmen in action. The one that follows can give ideas to develop original and effective hooks.

Successfully greeting customers in a boutique : Riens du Tout

An old-fashioned and unwelcoming department store, where the staff works in a dilettante way, the Grandes Galeries is not doing well. Hence the decision of the managers to appoint a new CEO, whose mission will be to bring the store out of its slump, failing which it will be closed. Modern management methods and staff motivation are on the dashing director's agenda.

Mobilize your teams to protect against cybersecurity risks

This certification is currently being registered with France Compétences. It validates management skills in terms of vigilance (prevention) and reaction in the event of proven acts of cyber-maliciousness: identifying and classifying sensitive data and implementing measures to protect them, ensuring compliance with data usage [...].